Here you can register your Gaming or Wireless Device on the Fairfield University Network.
You are permitted to register 5 devices on the school Network. Please call the extension below if you need to add more devices or remove old devices that are not in use anymore.

  1. Plug or Connect your gaming or phone device into the network and start it up with an online game.
  2. If you are plugged into a hub in your room, unplug the ethernet cable going from the wall to the hub or switch (routers are not allowed), wait 5 seconds, then plug the hub back in.
  3. Locate the current ip address or mac address of the console and copy it down. For instructions on obtaining your Mac address, click the links on the left under "How to find the MAC"
  4. Enter your NetID and password, and mac address of your Gaming or Wireless Device below, and click on "Register".



MAC Address

e.g. AA:BB:CC:11:22:33

Device Type