Information Technology Services
ITS4U Network Registration

Fairfield University User Registration

ITS4U requires each Student/Faculty/Staff to verify that their PC meets the established network policies prior to connecting to the network verified by the Network Registration (Laptops & Desktops only)
  1. System Software Up-To-Date (Windows and Mac OS X Operating Systems)
  2. Antivirus Software Installed & Virus Definitions Up-To-Date
See Instructions for Registration info, FAQ, and Troubleshooting

You must use your NetID (i.e. John.Smith) & Password to Register

If you have forgotten your password or if it has expired, please go to the NetID Manager to reset it.

If you are unable to reset it, CALL the Help Desk at (203) 254-4069 or VISIT the ITS4U Help Desk in the library. NetID Password Assistance cannot be done over Email.

Enter your NetID credentials, select your device type, and click the "Begin Network Registration" button.

This will download the Bradford Dissolvable agent, which must be run to verify that computer meets the network requirements. Once complete, the agent will inform you of your successful registration or reason(s) for failure.

Please See Instructions below to verify that you have met the Network Requirements.
Please Contact the ITS4U Help Desk in the Library Rm 215 or at (203) 254-4069 for Assistance. For Office Hours: Click Here